Saturday 11 January 2020


Finished January 9
Abhorsen by Garth Nix, read by Tim Curry

This book, third in the series, continues the story of Lirael as she follows the trail foreseen for her as she searches for Sam's friend Nick, and the great power he is in the process of releasing, that of the Destroyer. Lirael must go into Death to use the dark mirror and see how the Destroyer was bound and held in the beginning to see what she and her allies must do now, if they are able to. She is accompanied on her journey not only by Sam, but also by her friend the mysterious Disreputable Dog and by Mogget, who is bound to the Abhorsen. As they travel, they go by ways previously unknown to them, and to the world outside the Old Kingdom, where they must deal with those who don't believe in the power of magic, even when it is in front of them, and hordes of refugees looking for a better future. This is a time of great change and great danger.
While most of this tale involves Lirael, we also get glimpses of others including Sam's parents Sabriel and Touchstone, and the dangers they face as they too try to change the course of the terrible things unfolding, without knowing everything that is happening.
I read this so soon after Lirael as that book really left me in the middle of the tale and I needed to find out how the journey progressed. This is a tale of darkness and of power-hungry manipulators. A tale that reminded me with the journeys of the refugees, of our own world and the things unfolding here.
I'm looking forward to the next in the series.

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