Tuesday 21 January 2020

Bon Voyage, Mister Rodriquez

Finished January 17
Bon Voyage, Mister Rodriguez by Christiane Duchesne and François Thisdale

This charming picture book shows the children of the village watching an older man as he faithfully takes a walk every day. They become more fascinated when his actions on his daily walk suddenly become varied. He floats above the ground, flys a dove on a string, balances a fishbowl on his head, ties wings to a cat, and other intriguing things. The children are fascinated and amused, and this shows in the illustrations. I liked the innovative activity, the mystery of his actions, and the diversity of the children pictured here. I really loved the illustrations, with the mix of realism and fantasy and the detail of the different scenes.
This is a book that explores the imagination and leaves a lot for the reader to decide on their own. A beautiful book.

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