Wednesday 1 January 2020


Finished December 30
Lirael by Garth Nix, read by Tim Curry

I read the first book in this series, Sabriel, a few years ago, and finally got around to this one. Lirael grew up in a community built in and around a glacier in the mountains, part of the clan of the Clayr. Her mother died when she was very young and she never met her father, and doesn't even know who he is. She doesn't look like others in her clan, and she's always felt like an outsider, particularly as she's grown into her teens and hasn't acquired the gift of foresight that all her clan are known for. As the book begins, she is thinking about ending her life, finding her way up to the top of the glacier, but once there, she finds herself less sure of that action, and she witnesses an encounter that stays with her. She also gets the chance to take on a real job, rather than the usual chores assigned to someone without sight. She becomes a librarian, but this isn't a normal library, and she isn't a normal teen. As she has adventures within the library, and acquires an animal friend that she depends on, she grows her skills in various magics from creating skins to take on the shape of another creature to archery and lore.
Meanwhile we also see the world of the young prince Sameth as he gets pulled into a trap near the border of his kingdom by a necromancer, and then, back home, finds himself curiously unwilling to perform the tasks that are expected of him. He'd rather play at making things, from mechanical creatures to tools. He misses his parents who are tied up with diplomacy and protection of their kingdom, and feels increasingly alone. So when one of his schoolfriends seems to have fallen in trouble, he sets out to rescue him, despite being not all that prepared himself.
When Lirael finally finds her path, it isn't what she expected and she's not even sure it is what she wants. But as she journeys, she learns more about her past, about the threats facing the kingdom, and about what she is capable of.
I loved this continuation of the story begun in the previous book and Lirael is a very appealing character. Loved it enough that I've already started the next book, which continues her story.

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  1. This series has long been on my TBR, I should make it a priority. Thanks for sharing your thoughts