Friday, 27 December 2013

War Through The Generations 2014 Challenge

2014 War Challenge With a Twist

2014 is fast approaching. At War Through the Generations, they decided to mix things up a bit.
They will focus on 1 war for 2 months rather than a full or half year.
Every two months, they’ll post a new linky for a new war so everyone can share their review links.
In other words, read books from any of the listed wars during the entire year, then come back and post your reviews in the linky for the designated month.
Here’s the schedule:
  • Jan./Feb.: Gulf Wars (Gulf War/Operation Desert Storm and Iraq War/Operation Iraqi Freedom)
  • March/April: French and Indian War
  • May/June: Korean War
  • July/August: WWI (100th Anniversary)
  • Sept./Oct.: WWII
  • Nov./Dec.: Vietnam War
Level of Participation:
  • Dip Your Toes: Read 1 book for any war
  • Novice: Read 1 book per war throughout the year for a total of 6 books on 6 different wars
  • Intermediate: Read 2+ books for 1 war, and 1 book for each of the others for a total of 7 books
  • Expert: Read 2+ books for each war for a total of 12 books
I will be doing at least the Novice level for the year, but may do more for some of the wars. My plan for Jan/Feb will be for the Novice for sure as I will have to go searching for books for this group of wars. 

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  1. Thanks so much for participating in our challenge!

    Even though we are posting the linky for each war during the first month listed, feel free to post reviews whenever you read them throughout the year. So if you don't find a good Gulf War book until June, for instance, it'll still count for the challenge. We're trying to make it as stress-free as possible to participate. :)