Monday 9 December 2013


Finished December 8
Eloise by Judy Finnigan

This first novel is written by a woman with a passion for books, Judy of the famous Richard & Judy. Taking place in the vacation destination of Talland Bay in Cornwall, the main character here, Cathy, has watched her close friend lose Eloise lose her struggle against cancer, and now feels that Eloise is trying to send her a message tasking her with protecting Eloise's two young daughters. But Cathy's psychiatrist husband Chris worries that she is relapsing into another breakdown, and even Cathy isn't sure that she isn't imagining some of what she is feeling. Eloise's widowed husband seems more focused on the money side of Eloise's death than the emotional side, but is that just the path his grief is taking. Eloise's mother supports Cathy's concerns one minute and accuses her of besmirching Eloise's memory the next. This is a tale of intuition, friendship, and hidden sorrows. I found the plot idea interesting, but found the characters interactions too forced, with sudden about turns particularly from Cathy's husband Chris who was loving one minute and nasty the next. I found the book didn't flow, with the writing repetitive in spots and stilted in others.

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