Sunday 15 December 2013

Through the Evil Days

Finished December 15
Through the Evil Days by Julie Spencer-Fleming

Once again, Spencer-Fleming writes a novel I can't put down. And it was a perfect snowy day to read this mystery which occurs during a terrible snow and ice storm in upstate New York.
An eight-year-old girl, recent recipient of a kidney donation, is abducted from the foster home she is living in, with an attempt to cover up the evidence with a fire.
Russ and Clare are supposed to be on their honeymoon, trying out a remote cabin with an eye to buying it. Russ has some ice-fishing in mind, and both have a lot on their minds.
With the abduction news coming after the two are away, weather stymies their return to Millers Kill, and threatens their lives.
There is much drama here, with a little girl's life in the balance and a large drug operation at the center.
A side story between the two young Millers Kill police officers Hadley and Kevin also moves forward in an interesting way.
A well-done installation in one of my favourite mystery series.


  1. I've not read this series, but it sounds good.

  2. Each title is a line from an hymn, which is an interesting hallmark.
    Clare is an Episcopalian minister and Russ the police chief. Start at the beginning though for best appreciation.

  3. I lie, I 've read in the Bleak Midwinter. it was a good one, one I'm sure you recommended. Thanks. Am I going to mess myself up reading this newest one if I haven't read the one's in between?