Friday 20 December 2013

A Walk Along the Wall

Finished December 20
A Walk Along the Wall: A Journey Along Hadrian's Wall by Hunter Davies

This book recounts Davies experience walking the length of Hadrian's Wall from east to west over the course of several months, and was first published in 1974. Davies talks about his own observations and experiences along his journey, but also gives us history, not only of the wall, its significance and construction, but also other history that relates to the areas he traverses. He talks to a lot of people along the way, some enthusiasts of the wall, some indifferent, and some antagonistic to its existence and popularity. 
He discusses the unknowns of its history as well, and when things aren't clear offers up the differing theories around each issue. 
I learned some things about the history of this area of Britain and the Roman occupation, about the daily life of the people during that time, and about the religious life of the soldiers, who were drawn from all over the Roman Empire. Very interesting.

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  1. This looks like one I would really enjoy, and hadn't heard about. Will add to my TBR list now! Thanks for posting about it!