Tuesday 31 December 2013

2013 Reading Summary

I took a picture of just one of my overflowing bookcases to illustrate the task ahead of me, but here is the progress I made this year. I read a total of 202 books, which was better than my aim of 200 books.

Male: 84
Female: 115
Multiple authors: 3

Library books: 76
Advance reading copies: 41
Netgalley: 14

Adult: 166
Teen: 21
Children: 15

Audiobook: 28
ebook: 15
Graphica: 4
book: 155


Translated: 12

  • French: 6
  • German: 2
  • Italian: 2
  • Japanese: 1
  • Spanish: 1

Fiction: 162
I also counted those that fit into some genres, not everything did, but some fit into multiple genres

  • Mystery: 49
  • Romance: 21
  • Historical: 34
  • Fantasy: 9
  • Science Fiction: 4
  • Short Stories: 3

Nonfiction: 40

  • Biography or memoir: 23
  • Poetry: 3 (must do better)
  • Essays: 1 (which is weird because I love essays)

Challenge books: For details on my challenge reading see my 2013 Challenge page
European Challenge: 12
Science Challenge: 3
Tea and Books Challenge: 1 (sadly did very badly on this one)
Colorful Challenge: 9 (squeaked in at the last minute!)
Postal Reading Challenge: 7 (didn't get to my target)
Global Reading Challenge: 16 (always seem to have issues with Africa, Australasia, and South America)
War Through the Generations Challenge: 4 (it was American Revolution, so a little harder to find stuff)
TBR Challenge (To Be Read): 3 (out of 12, so not good, especially as 2 were late December)
What's in a Name Challenge: 6 (Completed, again last minute)
Chunkster Challenge: 5 (didn't make my target)
Canadian Reading Challenge: 22 for the 6th year and 17 for the 7th (runs from July through June)

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  1. I didn't try to pull out favourites as when I went to look at my ratings on Goodreads, I found 39 that I gave five stars to and 113 that I gave 4 stars to. Which means I enjoyed my reading much more than I didn't and that is a good thing.