Friday 27 December 2013


Finished December 23
Lona: a fairy tale by Dare Wright

This book is a fairy tale told in photographs. The author is a model and photographer and she poses herself as the Princess Lona of the book's title.
In the story there are 3 kingdoms living in peace: Muirlan "of the green fields and quiet villages", Lasair "with its deep forests and clear streams", and Yarmailt "where the sun was never too hot and all the rains were gentle". On the edge of these kingdoms is a tower where the evil wizard Druth lives. Druth is always casting spells on the people of the kingdoms turning them into other creatures and such. But something happened when he was casting a spell in his youth and he cannot turn princesses into other creatures. This is something that he is enraged and obsessed about.
As the story begins, he has tried again to change two princesses and failed and irritated cast the three kingdoms under terrible spells, and taken one young princess to try on when she gets older, Lona. One young prince of the kingdoms, Rogan, has been exploring the world beyond and he tries to stop the wizard only to be changed into a creature himself. Despite this, Rogan goes to the princess and offers help, making treks to powers beyond to learn what he can about the wizard and how to defeat him.
The princess Lona is a determined young woman and puts the welfare of the kingdoms before her own life, doing whatever is necessary to achieve their release from the spells they are under.
I really enjoyed this story, and loved the photography illustrating the story.

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