Friday 12 June 2020

The Haircut

Finished June 9
The Haircut by Theo Heras, illustrated by Renné Benoit

This picture book for ages one to three prepares a child for their first visit to a hairdresser or barber. It seemed so apt to read this now just as this service is reopening in many areas after a long closure. The little boy in the story goes with his dad to get his haircut, experiencing the fun and trepidation of a first experience. The dad is great at preparing him for it, and being there for him during it. This can often be a bit scary for young children, and this book is a great way to prepare them in advance for the experience.
I loved the illustrations by Benoit as well. The boy is so cute and his expressions are so relatable.
A great book for any library or home collection

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