Wednesday 17 June 2020

The Dog Patrol

Finished June 16
The Dog Patrol: Our Canine Companions and the Kids Who Protect Them by Rob Laidlaw

This lovely book celebrates dogs and kids from around the world who work on their behalf. The author is an animal activist and biologist who has several dog companions of his own. I really liked the term companion rather than pet for these domesticated animals.
The book starts with a history of dogs and their relationship to humans, and goes on to give information on the amazing things about dogs from their sense of smell and how it is used to help us, to what dogs need from nutrition to socialization. There is also a large section for those who want to get a dog, guiding them to reputable sources and showing what to look for when choosing a source for your companion animal. Here it talks about breeders, shelters, and puppy mills, as well as rescue organizations. Information is also given on some of the physical issues that dogs may have, whether purebreds or not.
Another section shows how to act with your own and others dogs to make it easier for them and a better experience for everyone.
The book gives a Dog Lover's Pledge that has readers commit to forming a good relationship with the dogs they may encounter through their lives.
Throughout the book, various kids are profiled, each of them working in some way to better the conditions that dogs live in. These may involve specific types of dogs, such as sled dogs or senior dogs, may focus on specific actions such as finding forever homes or fighting for foster funding, or may just fight for dog welfare in more general ways. The kids are from all over, and of various ages, giving readers the ability to see how they too can make a difference.
The book ends with a glossary of terms, and gives a list of more resources readers may want to check out.
This is a great book for dog lovers of all ages!

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