Saturday 6 June 2020

CeeGee's Gift

Finished June 2
CeeGee's Gift by Joy H. Selak

Celia Gene (CeeGee) Williamson is twelve years old and a bit of a loner. She lives in the Magdalena islands on the coast of Texas, in a small close-knit community. She's been suppressing a part of herself for years, believing it to be the cause of discord within her family and not helpful to the people it relates.
CeeGee calls it a Knowing, where she knows something that will happen to someone before it actually happens. Up to this point, it has been harm and death that she has foreseen, but now the sensation has come despite her best efforts, and it may be a good thing.
CeeGee confides in a neighbour, Mr. Tindale, a widower that is near the end of his own life. And Mr. Tindale helps her understand that everyone has a gift of some type, and this is hers and he helps her see how even those past ones that she feels bad about weren't all bad.
As she learns more about her gift and how to communicate the knowledge she gains to those she gains it about in a sensitive way, she also grows as a person, and finds friendship and reconnects more meaningfully with her family.

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