Thursday 4 June 2020

The Dead of Winter

Finished May 27
The Dead of Winter by Rennie Airth

This book is part of a series featuring retired London policeman John Madden. Here, it is World War II, and a young Polish refugee, working as a land girl goes up to London to visit her aunt. But she is murdered before she can get there, and in a very quick and professional manner. Nothing seems to have been stolen from her, and she hasn't been violated, so what is behind it?
The farm that she worked on was owned by John Madden and his wife Helen, and so he gets drawn into the story. Rosa was a quiet girl who played the piano beautifully and the Maddens had been trying to draw her out about her past, hoping to ease her sadness. But they really know very little about her other than that she escaped first to France before coming to England.
As they follow the trail and look for more clues, more people die, and they realize that Rosa was killed for what happened sometime in the past.
This is a story of greed, of a cold-blooded killer, and of extreme danger, all occurring in the height of a London winter, just a Christmas is approaching.
I love this series, and really liked the way the plot unfolded here.

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