Friday 12 June 2020

Harvey Holds His Own

Finished June 11
Harvey Holds His Own by Colleen Nelson, illustrations by Tara Anderson

This book continues Harvey's adventures from the previous Harvey Comes Home. Maggie is entering high school at St. Ambrose's Academy, a private school for girls in Winnipeg. Two of her friends are also going to the school which provides some continuity.
One of the requirements at school is to do volunteer hours, and after looking at the list of approved places, Maggie chooses Brayside Retirement Villa, a place she and Harvey are already familiar with. She is a bit nervous, but the staff and residents at the villa are welcoming and some even recognize her from her earlier visit. She is also allowed to bring Harvey with her when she volunteers. Austin, also volunteering at the Villa, is happy to see Harvey again, and a friendship develops between the two young people.
Maggie sorts the books in the library, which are in a disorganized state, and helps a new resident, Josephine Fradette, unpack. She begins to develop a friendship with Josephine as she learns her story.
I really enjoyed this book, as we see Maggie grow and venture into new experiences. She shows good character, and we learn a little about Winnipeg history as well.
Harvey also develops. We see West Highland Terrier nature in his doggedness and his hunting. When he senses an intruder in his territory, he hunts it down to ensure it doesn't return. He also shows an empathetic side towards Maggie, sensitive to her emotions, and a caring side when he interacts with the various seniors at the villa.
The drawings bring Harvey to life, and I liked how the drawing at the start of each chapter gave a hint to the story to come.
There are lots of interesting characters here, and I look forward to more books about Harvey and the people he loves.

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