Monday 4 January 2016

The Summer of Dead Toys

Finished January 3
The Summer of Dead Toys by Antonio Hill

This novel features a Barcelona police detective who was born in Argentina. Inspector Héctor Salgado is returning from a trip to his native Argentina following a forced leave, a leave necessitated by his violent assault on a man connected with a human trafficking investigation.
His colleague Martina Andreu is now the lead on that case, and Salgado is assigned unofficially to a seemingly simple case of accidental death.
A young man has fallen from a third story window to his death. He was known for sitting on the window sill to smoke a cigarette, and so the death is easily explained as accidental. The promising young officer on the case Leire Castro has a feeling there is more to it, and as Salgado becomes involved his intuition also says that the young witnesses aren't telling them everything.
Meanwhile Andreu is following leads in the disappearance of a suspect that are worrying and she finds herself torn between the evidence and her gut feelings.
We also see a bit of Salgado and Castro's private life, their relationships, their worries, and what may lie ahead for each of them.
This is an intriguing read, with some very interesting situations and characters.

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