Saturday 9 January 2016

Huntress Moon

Finished January 9
Huntress Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff

This thriller features FBI agent Matthew Roarke. Roarke responds to a call from one of his agents for a face-to-face meeting only to witness the agent's death. It seems like an accident, but the mysterious woman that Roarke noticed just before has him thinking of other possibilities. As he does his research he finds evidence of a similar female figure in two other unsolved cases. One of them also seemed like an accident, but the other was a definite murder.
Roarke's experience as a profiler becomes something he draws on as he tries to figure out the woman's motivations and identity.
We also see this story from the woman's point of view as well, as she moves on to a new location, encounters trouble along the way, and befriends a man and his young son.
As we gradually learn more about this young woman from Roarke's research, and about her victims, we also see that the crimes that she has been involved in have more complexity to them and that complicates Roarke's reaction.
His career is also linked to her story in an interesting and personal way.

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