Saturday 16 January 2016

The Risk of Darkness

Finished January 16
The Risk of Darkness by Susan Hill

This is an earlier book in the series featuring Lafferton police officer Simon Serrailler that I had missed. Simon still has hope over the case of missing child David Angus even though it has been eight months since he went missing. He is asked to confer on a missing child case in Yorkshire that has similar features, and while he is there another child goes missing. Simon joins the chase and they capture a suspect, one that surprises them all, but is the same person guilty of David's disappearance.
We also see the young single mother who lives next door to the suspect, her struggle to provide a home for her daughter, her frustrations, and feelings once the true nature of her neighbour come to light.
We also, as usual see into Simon's personal life, and the life of his sister Cat, a doctor in Lafferton. Cat's husband is growing increasingly frustrated with his job, Cat is struggling to keep her family in good order, and provide the support her hospice patients and their families need, as well as serving her regular patients. Simon is at odds romantically, and not always making good decisions. The new local Church of England Jane Fitzroy is struggling as well, dealing with a violent attack on her very independent mother back in  London, and an attack on herself in her new home, as well as misgivings over her new position.
As usual, this book offers complex characters, and interesting plotlines that keep you reading.

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