Monday 17 March 2014

The Silent Wife

Finished March 15
The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison, read by Karen White and Donald Corren

This novel tells the story in two voices, a man and a woman who have lived together for more than twenty years. Jodi is the female voice and works part-time out of her home as a therapist. She has taken numerous cooking classes over the years and makes their home a welcoming one for Todd. Todd has created a company that began with renovating buildings, and now also develops new buildings. He works hard and plays hard and his serial affairs are something Jodi is aware of and accepts quietly. She knows that he always comes back to her, and that they don't reflect on how he feels about her.
Despite Todd's marriage proposal years ago and their long relationship, the two have never actually got married, and that is at the root of the issues that arise on Jodi's side of this story. Jodi, as a psychologist is an advocate of Adler and believes that as long as she abides by his standards, her life will be a good one. The Adler School "emphasizes the human need and ability to create positive social change and impact. Adler held equality, civil rights, mutual respect, and the advancement of democracy as core values" and this is the life Jodi believes she has led.
But Todd's latest relationship is different, because the object of his affair is now pregnant and wanting to marry him. Jodi's legal rights don't stand up to this. Todd comes across here as a man used to having everything, and just going along with the flow. Because Jodi is in denial and Todd's lover, Natasha is being demanding, Todd succumbs to everything Natasha is asking of him, and yet still believes that he can have a relationship with Jodi.
When one of Todd's actions finally awakens Jodi to reality, she finds that she is capable of actions that she would never have envisioned for herself.
This is a story of a relationship disintegrating and the two players making the moves that seem inevitable.

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