Thursday, 6 March 2014

No Wonder You Feel Like Crap

Finished March 5
No Wonder You Feel Like Crap by Richard Weinstein

This book came to my attention through Netgalley, but I didn't get around to reading it while I had access, so read the book more recently. Written by a chiropractor with decades of experience, the research backing up his reasoning is cited extensively in the back of the book. He also uses several examples of his own patients when talking about treatments and results.
I'm planning to try his suggestions to see if they can address some of my longer term health issues. The core of his theory is cortisol imbalances, and he makes a good case for this, using anecdotal evidence from his own work, physiological information, pharmaceutical information, and research that backs up the theory. His treatment is called the 3R Program and consists of three parts: Repairing the intestinal tract, Resolving inflammation, and Restoring hormonal balance. Besides this physiological treatment, he also has chapters on psychological and emotional causes of conditions and pain that provide useful information.
Included in his discussions are issues of conflict between western reliance on pharmaceuticals and eastern practices, which rely more on paying attention to the body closely and looking for root causes. He also critiques our food industry with the effects of hybridization, genetic manipulation, and chemical additives.
An interesting theory that bears looking at.

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