Monday 31 March 2014

Murder Strikes a Pose

Finished March 30
Murder Strikes a Pose by Tracy Weber

This first novel is set in the Seattle community of Greenwood. Kate Davidson is a yoga instructor who runs a studio in Greenwood. When a homeless man, George, and his dog Bella set up to sell newspapers in front of her studio, at first she just wants their disturbance to move, but ends up finding a way to work with the two of them and becomes friends with George. When Kate finds George dead one night and Bella confined, she can't help but wonder if George's death was premeditated and, if so, who would be behind it. Despite being warned off by the police and George's estranged family, Kate is persistent and works even harder to find the answers to George's death.
With George gone, Kate has also taken on Bella, hoping to find her a welcoming forever home, but Bella's issues are more complicated than Kate realized, and with her health issues and her reactions to other dogs and now some men, finding a good home won't be easy. But Bella seems to attach herself happily to Kate and Kate is determined to do her best by her.
Also, Kate's best friend Rene is determined to do something about Kate's love life, and who better than the owner of the new pet store in the area. But will Kate be able to take down her defences long enough to make a real commitment?
A nice mystery with a strong main character and interesting plotline.

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  1. Thank you, Shonna, for reading Murder Strikes a Pose! I'm so glad you liked it!