Saturday 8 March 2014

Close to the Heel

Finished March 6
Close to the Heel by Norah McClintock

This is one of the books in Seven: the Series. Each book is written by a different Canadian author, and focuses on one of the grandsons of David, who has recently passed away. David left a task for each of his grandsons, fully funded from his estate. Other books I have read in the series are:  Between Heaven and EarthLost Cause, and Jump Cut and Ink Me.
This book tells the story of Rennie, the grandson David only recently discovered the existence of. Rennie and David didn't have a lot of time to get to know each other, but Rennie liked David a lot. Rennie has had big changes in his life recently and has had to learn new skills to deal with them in a productive way. His relationship with his father isn't as close as it could be, and Rennie is surprised when his dad agrees to let him go off on his own to Iceland to complete his task.
But things in Iceland don't go so smoothly. The family of the guide who is supposed to lead Rennie on his task has some issues it is working through, and his presence uncovers some family secrets. Rennie's questions may put himself in danger as well and his handling of the developing situation will affect both his own confidence and his father's view of him.

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