Sunday, 16 March 2014

Die Trying

Finished March 14
Die Trying by Lee Child

This Jack Reacher novels begins in Chicago and takes Jack to a remote valley in northern Montana. As Reacher is walking along a sidewalk in Chicago, a woman steps out of a dry cleaner with her arms full and drops her cane. He steps in to assist and ends up being taken along as she is kidnapped. The journey to their destiny takes some time, enough time for the two to get to know each other somewhat.
The search that begins for the woman in Chicago escalates quickly and becomes a matter of politics and personal relationships.
Themes here include the right-wing militia movement, conspiracy theories, and megalomania. Reacher, of course, is more than capable of dealing with what is thrown at him most of the time, and finds necessary assistance when the time is right.
A great read.

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