Saturday 1 March 2014

Ink Me

Finished February 28
Ink Me by Richard Scrimger

This book is the fourth in Seven: the Series, following  Between Heaven and EarthLost Cause, and Jump Cut). Seven cousins are each given a task to do by their grandfather as part of his will. Along with the task, they are given the funds necessary to carry it out. Here, the cousin whose story it is is Bernard, nicknamed Bunny. Bunny is fifteen, big for his age, and developmentally delayed. His brother's story was told in Jump Cut and the books stories integrate with each other. Bunny's task is to get a tattoo of his grandfather's service insignia. Arrangements have already been made with the tattoo shop in question, and Bunny's chooses to go on his own. When he gets off the streetcar near the shop he finds a large boy beating up a smaller one and comes to the smaller boy's assistance. In the tattoo shop, communication goes awry and Bunny comes out with a different tattoo than the one intended, and it is this, along with the assistance he gave the boy that will chance his life's direction in a radical way. Bunny is used to being underestimated and pushed to the sidelines, so when his new friends seem to genuinely value some of his skills and accept him into their group, they earn his loyalty. This book has some interesting twists, and Bunny is a very interesting character. Really enjoyed this one.

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