Sunday 6 July 2008


Finished July 5
Blood Trail by C.J. Box
Joe Pickett is back, still working as a game warden, but not assigned to a particular area. Joe works where he is needed, which means he is away a lot and he and his family now live at a house in town rather than at the warden's house.
He is just looking forward to some time at home with his family, when he is called back in on a special case. Someone is hunting hunters. A hunter has been found dead, treated like the elk he was hunting would have been. Two previous hunting deaths are looked at in a new light following this. The governor wants to ensure this is stopped and has asked Joe to assist in this case.
While this is happening, the antihunting activist Klamath Moore arrives in town and stirs up things further. A decrease in hunting will impact the state's revenues and that isn't good for the governor or the game wardens. Everyone is working together on this, even those who don't like each other. But there are still secrets, and Joe is determined to get to the bottom of them.
A classic suspense, with mistreated good guys, and not always clear lines between right and wrong.

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