Thursday 10 July 2008

Edge of the Seat

Finished July 10
Nothing to Lose by Lee Child, read by Dick Hill
Jack Reacher is back and just as good as ever. This book has it all: suspense, bad guys, mystery, a woman, and Reacher.
Jack is making his way across the country east to west and his last ride brought him to Hope, Colorado. He notices that the next town over is named Despair, and is intrigued and decides to head that way. When he tries to stop in Despair for a bite to eat, not only won't they serve him, but they arrest him on vagrancy charges and drop him out on the town line, to the east, back towards Hope. Naturally, this gets Reacher's back up, and he must try to find out why the town has this attitude towards strangers.
The answers are complex and varied and as Reacher makes his way through them his main ally is a woman police officer from Hope, who has her own issues to deal with.
This book kept me wanting to stay with it all the way through. I woke up once at two in the morning, and could think of little else but the situation that Reacher was in when I left off and almost got up and went out to the car to continue listening. It was a close thing! The reading by Dick Hill was perfect. He talks in a measured way, just as I imagine Reacher might and expresses the emotions very well.
There are also lots of issues explored here, especially around the US and its role in the Middle East, and Child does it all well. He is a master.

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