Thursday, 31 July 2008

London Mystery

Finished July 30
Die with Me by Elena Forbes
This mystery centres around the deaths of young girls in churches, at first glance suicides. DI Mark Tartaglia and DS Sam Donovan think there is more to it than that and find, after some investigation, that they are correct. As they begin the hunt for the killer, they come across other suspicious deaths that they think may be related to their case. Sometimes working without permission from their superiors, the two keep digging away at the case, trying to make connections between the victims.
We see things from the point of view of the murder occasionally, and also sometimes from the victim, which adds to the story.
Besides this main story, the squad's DCI is out of commission due to a motorcycle accident and the temporary replacement doesn't immediately fit in smoothly. The use of a profiler also ruffles some feathers and creates ill-feeling. As the dynamics of the team change, we see how that affects the main characters.
As with many British mysteries, I found the police characters multifaceted and interesting and with a life beyond their jobs. They have issues of their own, that sometimes get carried into their work, and that can work for and against them.

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