Monday 28 July 2008

Short Listen

Finished July 28
The Lemur by Benjamin Black, read by John Keating
This is a nice short mystery, only 4 CDs. It finished this morning, just as I was pulling into the parking lot at work. Talk about perfect timing.
John Glass has recently moved to New York from Ireland. His wife is American and her father is a communications company owner that used to be CIA. John has been hired to write his father-in-law's biography.
John used to be a journalist, hitting all the big world news stories until he burnt out. He also used to love his wife, but found that disappeared the same time as his passion for his career.
As John starts to work on the biography, he hires a researcher to get at all the information around Big Bill, even though he knows he might not be able to use it in the actual book. Based on appearance, he begins referring to the researcher as "The Lemur". When the researcher calls him to say he has found information to disrupt all their lives, and then turns up dead, John can't help but wonder what the information is.
John's worry about secrets, both his and the family's keep him going after the truth regarding the Lemur's murder. John Glass is an interesting character, but you don't get to see the depths of it here.

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