Friday 25 July 2008

Psychological Horror

Finished July 23
Now You're One of Us by Asa Nonami, translated by Michael Volek and Mitsuko Volek
This is a strangely hypnotic novel. Noriko has recently married into the Shito family, a family in which many generations live together in one house. Her mother tried to dissuade her from this choice, but she felt strongly attracted to her husband Kazuhito and, after meeting his family, was impressed by the friendliness of his extended family.
As she settles into the household she is impressed by how good-natured everyone is. The family has significant holdings and lives in a house with a big yard. However some strange events occur that trigger suspicions in Noriko and she begins to imagine all sorts of things. As she gets drawn into the family rituals, she begins to see the extent of the family secrets.
Noriko gets manipulated psychologically as she becomes part of the family and the way the story slowly but inexorably draws you into it is mesmerizing.
This is one well written but scary book.

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