Sunday 20 July 2008

Latest in a series

Finished July 18
I Shall Not Want by Julia Spencer-Fleming
This is the latest in the series featuring Clare Fergusson, an Episcopalian minister (and ex-army helicopter pilot) and Russ Van Alstyne, police chief in Millers Kill, New York, a small town in the Adirondacks.The two have been drawn together, but the attraction has just resulted in frustration and Russ is married. Now however his wife is dead, but Russ is extremely depressed about it, and Clare feels guilty because he was with her rather than his wife when she died. Clare is still struggling against some more conservative members of her parish and her bishop has convinced her to join the National Guard to explore her true feelings regarding her purpose. Recently Clare has become involved with a program run by a Roman Catholic nun to assist Mexican migrant workers with various needs from transportation to assistance dealing with the government. Russ's sister and her husband have hired some Mexican workers to assist with their dairy farm.
When Latino bodies start showing up in the area, both Russ and Clare become involved in trying to find out what is going on and whether there is a tie to the Mexican workers.
The two also get thrown together again on a personal level and have to assess their true feelings regarding each other.
This one also involves a new police woman, an interesting new character with her own issues

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