Monday, 16 June 2008


Finished June 15
13 Bullets: a vampire tale by David Wellington
This is my third novel with vampires and boy are they ever different from each other.
One of the big differences is how vampires are made. Here the vampires are rarer, but there are lots of half-dead and even more bodies of victims. This novel is very violent and the vampires are very much controlled by their bloodlust.
When Caxton, a state trooper gets involved in a chase of a half-dead with bodies in his trunk, she gets drafted into being the partner of vampire hunter Arkeley. Some other magic is involved: ghosts and hexes and charms, but the main focus is vampires. Each section of the book is dedicated to a particular vampire as the two chase down the vampires who are wreaking havoc in their neck of the woods.
Lots of action, lots of violence and a bit of interesting insight into cause and effect.

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