Friday 20 June 2008

New Thriller

Finished June 24
The Woods by Harlan Coben
Paul Copeland is a county prosecutor in New Jersey. He is also a widower with a young daughter. Twenty years ago he was a counselor at a camp where there was a multiple murder. He had abandoned his post to be with his girlfriend and meanwhile four teenagers, two boys and two girls had also left the cabin for the woods. The bodies of two of the teenagers were later found and the others were presumed dead as well. One of the presumed dead was Paul's sister Camille. His family never got over it. His mother left them and he hasn't seen her again. Now, a body has appeared with his name on an item in its pockets and he is sure that it is the other presumed dead teen. But that changes his whole take on what happened that night.
Paul is also involved in a case where two white frat boys have been charged with the rape of a black exotic dancer. One of the boys fathers has tried both bribery and threats to have the charges against his son dropped. Paul is standing firm, but the father has many resources that he may use against Paul.
Also, nearby, Paul's old girlfriend from the camp, Lucy, is getting some papers turned in for an anonymous exercise by her students that also brings the memories of what happened at camp back. When the two find each other, they work towards finding out the truth of what happened that night.
Lots of action, some romance. I sat up until late finishing it.

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