Monday 16 June 2008

Different Teen Read

Finished June 14
Estrella's Quinceanera by Malin Alegria
This is an interesting view into the world of a young woman, Estrella, who is caught between two cultures. Estrella lives in the barrio on the east side of San Jose, California, and she has received a scholarship to attend a local private school. As she tries to fit in with the white girls at the school, she finds herself at odds with her culture and home life. Things come to a head with her fifteenth birthday, when her mother and aunt start planning her traditional Mexican quinceanera. As she struggles with first romance, her fit between the two worlds she exists in, and her own maturing she must face her real feelings and take responsibility for her own life.
This is an interesting glimpse into another culture and the author provides an extensive glossary of Mexican terms used in the novel to draw the reader into the attitude and traditions of the culture. This is a great novel for teens to become aware of Mexican American culture and traditions.

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