Monday, 30 June 2008

Australian Mystery

Finished June 29
Queen of the Flowers: a Phryne Fisher Mystery by Kerry Greenwood
The newest Phryne Fisher is a catchy one.
Phryne lives in Melbourne, Australia, although she is originally from England. This is set in 1928.
Phryne is a very independent woman, who lives her life as she wants and has moved to Australia partly to be as far from her father as possible. She has a butler and cook (a married couple), and a companion. She has adopted two daughters, but has never been married. She works as a private detective and has a lover. She has been chosen to be the Queen of the Flowers in the town's first Flower Parade.
When one of the flower maidens goes missing, Phryne is following her trail. She has contacts in town and works her connections to find out what she needs to know.
Her character is well-mannered, yet unconventional and is a plain speaker who is not afraid to confront the darker side of life, whether it be gambling, brothels, or criminals.

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