Thursday 5 June 2008

Thrilling Listen

Finished June 3
Blue Heaven by C.J. Box, Read by John Bedford Lloyd
I had to suspend belief on a few things, but this one had me sitting on the edge of my seat.
The book is set in northern Idaho.
Annie and William, 12 and 10, took off to go fishing after their mother's latest boyfriend failed to show up as promised. While in the woods near the river, the two witness an execution-style killing and the killer spot them. The kids run for their lives, quite literally.
When they don't turn up at home later that night, the police become involved, and several retired policeman from Los Angeles who live in the area volunteer for the search. Only problem is, these cops are the killers. You are in suspense the whole time, wondering who is going to find the kids first. The children's mother is sure that they are alive, and the local banker, a family friend, is worried.
Meanwhile, another retired policeman is visiting the area, following up on a lead on an old crime.
The plot keeps moving and there is lots to keep you guessing.

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