Monday 29 April 2013


Finished April 27
Traps by MacKenzie Bezos

This novel follows four women, whose lives intersect and shows how each life has fallen into a potential trap at some point, but that each women also has the capacity to extricate herself from that trap and move forward in a more positive way. We have Dana, a young security guard with advanced defense skills and emergency medical skills, who is so focused on safety that she is afraid to take chances with love. We have Jessica, an Oscar-winning actress who has stopped taking jobs and has become afraid to leave her house because of her father, who has repeatedly sold her out to the paparazzi, and then publicly campaigned for her to let him back into her life. There is Vivian, a teen mother of twins, who has gone down the road of prostitution to survive, but will do whatever it takes to protect her children. And there is Lynn, a recovering alcoholic, estranged from her family, who has devoted her life to running a dog shelter on an isolated ranch in Nevada. The choices each woman makes aren't easy, but there interactions with each other give them the strength to make the changes to look forward to the future. A great read.

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