Monday 8 April 2013


Finished April 8
Testify by Valerie Sherrard

This short teen novel is about a teen, Shana, who is just trying to be a good friend. Her best friend Carrie confided in her that her new stepfather was abusing her, but she needed help to prove it. Shana was so upset about this and convinced by Carrie's emotional confession that she agreed to testify in court that she had seen him touch Carrie inappropriately, even though she hadn't seen anything.
Afterward, when Hayley, another friend in their group, is accused of stealing by Carrie, Shana begins to wonder. She talks to Hayley, and begins to question Carrie, but is confused and upset by what she discovers. She decides to come clean about her perjury, but has she just put herself in danger?
This is a very interesting story that encompasses a few issues. One of them is the nature of truth and how one person can tell lies so often she actually starts believing them herself. Another is the power of gossip and innuendo, and how that can destroy a reputation so easily. A third is about social media and how careful one has to be about what one reads and believes.
A really good read.

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