Friday 26 April 2013

The Monster in the Box

Finished April 26
The Monster in the Box by Ruth Rendell, read by Nigel Anthony

This is part of the Inspector Wexford mystery series. A man that Wexford hasn't seen in years suddenly reappears in his life. Wexford first encountered him decades earlier when he was a young police officer on his first murder case. The man has reappeared from time to time since then in Wexford's life, often around cases involving strangulation. Wexford has never had any hard facts to tie him to any murders, but has strong feelings around his involvement. He also feels strongly about the man's awareness of Wexford and feels that like Wexford has kept tabs on him, he has also kept tabs on Wexford.
The story is both a mystery and a story of Wexford's life. It is a story about recognizing evil and about letting one's delusions get the better of one. An interesting slowly paced novel that I really enjoyed.

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