Sunday 7 April 2013

Counting Back from Nine

Finished April 7
Counting Back from Nine by Valerie Sherrard

This is a great choice for April, a novel written in poetry. Laren (pronounced like Karen) has a secret, and not a good one. Her new boyfriend is her best friend's ex-boyfriend. And what happens when her friends find out is something she isn't ready for. But Laren finds that there are much more difficult things to deal with in her immediate future, and she isn't ready for them either.
As Laren works through these issues, she finds herself wondering about her own actions, and about those close to her. Why has her younger brother suddenly taken up vegetarianism? Why is her mother busy redecorating everything? What does being a friend mean?
I really liked the way each poem dealt with an issue in a unique way, and fit so well together as a whole. This is a very cool book.


  1. Oh, I like novels in verse, but hadn't heard of this one. Looks good!

  2. Yes, Melwyk, I picked it up at Superconference. Really good.