Sunday 21 April 2013

Salvation of a Saint

Finished April 20
Salvation of a Saint by Keigo Higashino, read by David Pittu

This crime novel was nominated for an Edgar Award, and is part of a series featuring a physics professor, Manabu Yukawa, nicknamed Detective Galileo, who is brought into cases as a consultant.
In this case a man dies of poisoning. His wife, whom he is about to divorce, is visiting her parents hundreds of miles away. Detectives Kusanagi (male) and Kaoru Utsami (female) don't agree on suspects. Utsami is focused on the wife despite the seemingly physical barriers to her involvement. It is Utsami who goes to the professor, but he relies on both detectives to provide him with information and opinions that lead to his theory of the crime being accepted by both.
I found this novel very interesting as it really showed the cultural differences between Japan and my western experience. The way the characters interacted, the formalities, the apologies, and the nature of the police investigation all beautifully illustrated this cultural difference.

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