Thursday 19 July 2012

Running Blind / Echo Burning / Without Fail

Finished July 19
Running Blind / Echo Burning / Without Fail by Lee Child, performed by Dick Hill

I love Lee Child's Jack Reacher books but had missed quite a few of the earlier ones, so when I saw this three-in-one audiobook, I grabbed it.
Running Blind has Jack targeted by the FBI for the serial murders of retired military women. Of course, he did not do the murders, but gets involved in figuring out who is behind them. With a lack of evidence, the investigators are indeed running blind, and Jack helps lock onto the little they know to lead them to the killer.
Echo Burning has Jack hitching his way around Texas, where he is picked up by a desperate woman. Carmen is a victim of domestic abuse, trapped in her marriage by the love for her child. She wants to find someone to kill her husband once he gets out of jail, but Jack isn't her man. He does however want to help her, and when things go bad for her, he takes on the case to figure out who is behind the victimization and how she can get her life back. On a lonely ranch in a sparsely populated part of the country, things can get very scary.
Without Fail begins with an approach to Jack by his brother's ex-girlfriend, a Secret Service agent in charge of the newly elected Vice President to see if he can get through her protection around the man. Reacher soon discovers that her move is in response to a very real threat against the man. As he grows more involved in the situation, Reacher is determined to unmask and disarm the would-be assassins.
Great reads as usual, and nice to catch up on the previous cases.

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