Sunday 15 July 2012

Reading Canadian

The blog Book Mine Set hosts a Canadian Reading Challenge every year from Canada Day to June 30. This is his wrap-up of the 5th year of the challenge. Partly because of being on the Evergreen Book Award committee last year, I wound up reading 100 Canadian books! But this wrap-up offers a great resource of Canadian books for future reading. He's lists all the books read by author and title, and provided links to each reader's review. I've started on the 6th Challenge (great image for it, by the way)

and look forward to many more hours of reading great Canadian books. I'm off to a slow start, only two so far, by since I didn't actually start until August last year, I figure I'm ahead of the game already.


  1. You've become my "go to source" for Canadian Literature. So many of the blog reviews I read are U.S. authors, it's refreshing to support our own. Thanks for your very honest reviews. I appreciate them.

  2. Thanks Irene. It's amazing how many great Canadian books there are out there.