Thursday 7 June 2012

The Unquiet Dead

Finished June 6
The Unquiet Dead by Gay Longworth

This is the second book in the series featuring DI Jessie Driver, although I haven't read the first one. Jessie's DCI has just retired and she starts off on the wrong foot with the new boss. When a moderately famous actress reports her daughter missing and demands action, Jessie's intuition tells her that it doesn't read as foul play. The search leads the team to an abandoned public bath, and the discovery of a long-dead body. The body becomes Jessie's case, although she is given limited support in solving it.
On the personal side, Jessie's brother, a doctor with Doctors Without Borders, who has been serving in Africa has come for a visit, something she's been looking forward to. And Jessie is struggling with her attraction to a famous singer she fell for during a recent case.
Jessie's intuition, and her team's trust in it, lead her on. She also finds that she can't explain everything with logic and must learn to respect others' faith, even if she doesn't share it.
Jessie is an interesting woman, complex and with her own issues. A good character for a novel like this. Highly enjoyable.

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