Saturday 23 June 2012

Among the Departed

Finished June 23
Among the Departed by Vicki Delany

This is the first Delany mystery I've read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is part of a series featuring Constable Molly Smith, in the town of Trafalgar, BC. Molly is getting comfortable in her relatively recent relationship with RCMP officer Adam Tocek. She is with him when he gets a call about a missing child at a nearby campground. Molly accompanies Adam and his dog Norman to the site to search for the boy, and find him unharmed. They also find some bones they suspect to be human, and a new case emerges.
Based on timing and evidence, it would appear that the bones belong to Brian Nowak, the father of Molly's childhood friend Nicky. Nowak went missing fifteen years before and no trace was ever found.
With the find, Nicky return to Trafalgar from her life in Vancouver. She's left home at sixteen and lived a hard life since then. Nicky's brother Kyle became an angry reclusive young artist, and her mom withdrew into a shell, seldom leaving the house. As the case unfolds, so do the lives touched by Nowak, and we learn things aren't always how they seem.
Molly's mother also seems to be exploring a new relationship, and Molly isn't sure how to feel about it.
With interesting characters, and a great plot, this book is a winner and now I have another Canadian mystery author on my list.

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