Monday 11 June 2012

The Dead Are More Visible

Finished June 11
The Dead Are More Visible: stories by Steven Heighton

This collection of short stories offers wonderful variety. Each story stands alone, with the voices individual. Some men, some women, many facing a life-changing event, or dealing with the aftermath of one. The writing is wonderfully done, with interesting turns of phrase. A favourite example: "In a world where there isn't enough importance to go around, men like him, who need a lot of it, will always be disappointed."
I loved the variety of settings: urban Japan, the Okanagon Desert, a drug trial institution, an outdoor city ice rink at night. And the characters, some comfortable in their lives, some trying to find their way. A collection like this shows the range of the author. I'll definitely be recommending this collection.

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  1. haven't visited you for a while, sounds good, thanks for your many recommendations.