Tuesday 19 June 2012

Taka-chan and I

Finished June 17
Taka-chan and I: a dog's journey to Japan by Runcible as told to Betty Jean Lifton, photographs by Eikoh Hosoe

This is a lovely picture book told from a dog's point of view. Runcible digs a hole on the beach near his home on Cape Cod. As he digs deeper, he finds a tunnel and enters it, realizing after a time that it is too narrow to turn around in. After much time, he sees a light ahead and emerges in Japan where a little girl, Taka-chan is on a beach. She is fearful of the reaction, but agrees to take him home, where she bathes him gently and feeds him. After the two rest, she introduces Runcible to her captor, for she is indeed being held prisoner. He is impressed with Runcible's courage and agrees to set Taka-chan free if Runcible can complete a task within the alloted time.
The pictures, all in grey-scale, are lovely and illustrate the story beautifully. The story itself is inspiring and mystical. A wonderful choice as always by the NYRB.

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