Thursday 7 June 2012

Charming Grace

Finished June 5
Charming Grace by Deborah Smith, read by William Dufris and Moira Driscoll
(Couldn't find an image of the audiobook, so figured this was close).
I picked up this audiobook romance novel at a recent conference. The author was new to me, but it was an enjoyable book.
Set in a small southern town in Georgia, a big movie star, Stone Senterra, known for his action movies, has come to town to film his first movie as a director. He wants to tell the story of a man who grew up there, a man who died recently in a very public act of heroism. The man's widow, Grace Vance, however, doesn't trust him, and wants to keep her husband's life private. Grace has plans to obstruct the movie and has some allies.
A twist in the story is the ex-con bodyguard of the movie star, Boone Nolene. Boone wants to go straight and set his older brother, still in jail, on the right road as well. He wants to reward the trust that Senterra places in him. But he also wants Grace. Grace, a former beauty queen and talk show host, is caught up in the past and has to be forced to look to the future.
With lots of great characters, quirky humour, and hot romance, this book will charm you.

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