Sunday 5 February 2012

Trap for Cinderella

Finished February 4
Trap for Cinderella by Sebastien Japrisot, translated from the French by Helen Weaver
I love this author for his psychological suspense. This was my latest purse book, and I finished it off Saturday morning. Written in 1962, my copy is a Penguin from 1979. This novel takes place partly in a French resort beach house and partly in Paris.
A fire occurred at the beach house and one girl is killed, while another is badly burned and in a state of amnesia. The injured girl undergoes surgery, but must take others' word for her identity. Of the two girls who were childhood friends, one is a wealthy heiress that has a bit of a cruel streak, the other is a hardworking girl eager to be the chosen friend. As the book develops, the reader is unsure of the girl's identity, then sure again, then unsure. The suspense around the identity of the girl, the events on the night of the fire, and others who may or may not know what happened is with us right to the end. The title has an additional significant meaning that we also don't learn until the end.
Japrisot's books are often short, but contain a lot of mental suspense. And immensely satisfying endings.


  1. sounds very good. Thanks Shonna.

  2. I love vintage mysteries these days and am particularly drawn to those from other countries. I am going to add this to my wish list so I remember it. I will pin it to my Pinterest "Books to read" board!

    Again, thanks for including your review in the European Reading Challenge.

  3. Japrisot's mysteries are always enjoyable with a definite psychological edge. My mother-in-law has been finding used copies and bringing them to me.