Sunday 19 February 2012

Shot at Dawn

Finished February 15
Shot at Dawn by John Wilson
This children's novel is World War I fiction, a study of a fictional Canadian soldier. We have Allan McBride, a young man from rural B.C., who joins up thinking it a great adventure and eager to prove himself. He is inspired by Ken, a slightly older young man from his community who he has always looked up to and who has been fighting in the war for some time. The hard training is more than Allan expected, but he perseveres and fights hard to stay at the front when Ken would try to send him back.
The story is told as a reminiscence of young Allan as he awaits death by firing squad the following morning. He is kept company by a young officer who he asks to take down his story. This fictional tale tells of many real events of the war, and includes the reality of a soldier's difficult life. The author is clear in the notes however that it is not based on a particular soldier.
A good book to open discussion around this war in a young reader.


  1. Besides the Canadian Reading Challenge, this book also counts towards the War Through Generations challenge.

  2. Thanks for the review. We've linked to it on the reviews page and will have a snippet appear on March 13 on the main page.