Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Finished February 19
Forbidden by Syrie James and Ryan M James
This teen novel looks to be the first in a new series. It begins with Claire Brennan, a scholarship student at an elite high school in Los Angeles, ready to start a new term. Claire's mother has moved them around a lot and Claire is desperate to stay at Emerson Academy until she finishes high school. But Claire is starting to have visions, and she confides in her two best friends about them.
There is a new boy at school, Alex MacKenzie, from Scotland. But he seems shy and at first Claire doesn't know what to make of him. Then she notices something else and begins to wonder and so do her friends.
Alec chose Emerson Academy as a place to lie low and have an experience he never did, high school. But he's an angelic watcher gone AWOL, and is constantly on the lookout for danger and signs of his cover being blown. What he didn't plan on is developing feelings for Claire.
Obviously, this is paranormal romance, with a touch of thriller thrown in. There is suspense, fast-paced action, and first love. Here we have the world of angels (Grigori), Fallen (the ones the angels watch for bad behaviour), and Nephilim (part angel, part people that the angels are wary of). A good read, and an ending that seems perfect to lead to a sequel.

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