Sunday, 19 February 2012

Only in the Movies

Finished February 16
Only in the Movies by William Bell
Jake has wanted to be a screenwriter ever since stumbling onto a movie set when he was a kid. But for some reason, he kept it to himself. As he nears high school and the decision to choose a career track nears, he finally reveals his dream to his parents.
With his parents' help, he enrolls in the York School of the Arts, and meets a number of interesting creative young people. Instant Grady becomes a friend early and the two often study together. Instant is a jazz musician. Vanni O'Riada has an Irish musician father and an Indian mother and is a poet. She also has a large nose she is rather sensitive about. The three become close and hang out together.
When a new girl, Alba, comes to school, Jake is drawn to her and enlists Vanni's help to get her attention. Nothing here goes as planned, and Jake discovers that his crush may have threatened his grades.
A great novel for young creative types.

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